STRUCTUREbags five green finds


This week's Five Green Finds is all about reading and entertainment.

The STRUCTUREbag's latest move back to California gave us a new opportunity to find ways to save - and go green! We are huge book lovers in this family - and huge sports fans - but all this intellectual and athletic stuff can be very expensive! (I am aghast at the prices we paid for standard cable in New York!)

But, we are not about to give up either. While we are still looking for a solution to our live sports issue, for now, we have solved our reading and at-home entertainment needs. And, we've gone a bit green in the process.

Here are Five Green Finds for this week.

  1. Fancy Nancy, Everyday is Earth Day: by Jane O'Connor. Fancy Nancy has been a staple in our house for over a year now, and we were delighted to find this terrific little goodie on our last trip to the local library. It is filled with simple, great ideas ("Less than a mile? Then bike in style," "Get clean, but stay green") all while keeping it in perspective.
  2. Speaking of libraries... What better way to go green than to check out books from your local library? We loved our library on post at West Point and our new San Luis Obispo local library is even better! Books get an extended life as we patronize our local library. And, bonus! Libraries usually have fabulous incentive programs for little ones. Our first month here we earned a family four pack to the local zoo just by reading.
  3. We are big travelers and love to read as we do. Using an eReader is a great way to not only cut down on carry-on bulk, but a great way to reduce, as well! We have a basic eReader we bought on clearance, and it has all we need for travel reading. Plus, most local libraries offers tons of books for loan to your eReader! You don't have to spend a ton to be streamlined and green... and they fit great in our mini and magazine totes!
  4. But don't limit yourself to a standard eReader. Think beyond a the kindle or the nook. If you have a smartphone - there's a FREE app for that! Have a tablet (think kindle fire, HP, iPad and more...)? There's an app for that! Just think of all the ways you can go green just by using your already-existing plan and device.
  5. But don't stop there! Slash your at-home entertainment bill by using low-cost TV alternatives. I'm thrilled with our new Netflix streaming account - at $7.99 a month, we can use our already-existing devices (see #4 above), for watching TV, movies and more. Even better, we are so in love with our trial Amazon Prime account, that we plan to buy a year's access for just $79 per year (we locked in before they upped the price...). The two systems compliment each other well (I'm about to start Downton Abbey!). And Amazon Prime includes countless free book, TV and movie downloads. All this in addition to their two-day shipping. We are thrilled.

Do you have an entertainment or reading green find you love? Do you have a great green book? How do you share "going green" with your kids? Do you have a live sports solution?

Comment below to share how you go green while reading!

PS: if you know how we can (legitimately & honestly) watch all of the 2014 Brazil World Cup without buying cable/dish, etc, I will send you a complimentary mini pouch with my thanks... Know how to DVR/record it too? Upgraded offer to a wristlet or clutch! First person to let me know (comment, email or social media), gets it!