STRUCTUREbags five green finds

Since locating back to San Luis Obispo, I've found our family is finding even more ways to go green. And most of them are just a result of our new environment. So, I'm putting a few "special finds" on the back burner and sharing some everyday items/choices that caught me by surprise...

  1. One-car family: Yes, there are a few times it becomes inconvenient, but having one car is quite freeing. Less fuel, less cost, fewer accessories. A win!
  2. Biking: Since we opted to stick with one care, my husband Andy is commuting to work via bike. It's about five miles each way and he (mostly) loves it. We read a stat that he is saving about 66 gallons of fuel every year by doing this commute. Not to mention all the savings on university parking permits and avoiding a congested lot. Did I mention we figure this only adds about 5 minutes to his commute once we factor in his "prime" parking?
  3. Bus: Wow! We are really going green on our transportation... Twice a week Dad and "Little STRUCTUREbags" commute one-way via bus. Dad throws his bike on the bus bike rack and away they go! They even use the layover time to visit the library. Remember our thoughts on going green at the library?
  4. Commuter mug: I've got a new, part-time gig that gives me an actual commute. To treat myself, I buy a cup of my fav coffee on the way in. Of course, I use a gorgeous travel mug. This one was a name-brand and only $7. Plus it included a free cup of coffee when I bought it. Yum!
  5. Walking: We now live about a mile from a nice little shopping center. "Little STRUCTUREbags" and I are making good use of our fabulous jogging stroller by walking to get groceries, crafts and more. Without a doubt, the fresh air does some good (so does the occasional stop at the park along the way!).

What green choices are you making for your daily commute? Share them by commenting below!