Five Green Finds: Spice Grove Designs Coffee Mug

I love a bold, full-bodied cup of coffee in the morning. Oh, let's face it. I love a fresh cup of coffee just about any time of day. Even on a hot day.

So, today I share with you a handful of organic coffees and teas, as well as a peek at a local coffee house doing its part with fair trade beans. Grab your cup, and read on!

1. Black Horse, a local coffee house makes strong, bold coffees. And you know I love that. I also love that they pride themselves with having a full mix of organic and fair trade coffees.

Blackhorse Five Green Finds

2. Peet's may not have an organic coffee out right now, but tea-drinkers listen-up. The selection of organic teas was not only surprising, but inviting. I am not big on tea, but am tempted nonetheless.

3. Starbucks rarely lets me down. And they are a welcome sight, say on, road trips across the country. Everyone does that, right? Well, even if you are not heading our for an I80 adventure, you can grab an organic bag of Starbucks and brew a cup right there at home-sweet-home.

Starbucks Five Green Finds

4. Trader Joe's is always in the mix and he didn't let me down this time either! Not only is it organic, it's fair trade and french roast. A triple-threat!

Trader Joes Five Green Finds

5. You may not be able to drink my last green find, but this sweet little upcycled mug adorned with coffee is a morning joe gift indeed! I love everything from this one-woman-creative shop. This is no exception!

Five Green Finds: Spice Grove Designs Coffee Mug

So, grab your cup of organic coffee, tea or fair trade blend. Add a touch of organic creamer, as desired, then share your favorite finds by commenting below. And give a shout out to Charlotte of Spice Grove Designs. Aren't her designs gorgeous?!? Links encouraged!

Now, I'm off for a refill. Happy Five Green Finds Friday!