Happy Memorial Day weekend! As we take time to enjoy this extra time with family and friends - let's remember, too.

Remember those who have given the ultimate sacrifice for our freedoms. And remember those who are sacrificing still to keep those freedoms secure. Men, women, spouses, families: Thank you!

Today I want to share some great finds and ideas for an eco-friendly BBQ. Whether you grill it, drink it, or carry it, be safe and pay tribute.

five green finds

1. Roasted or grilled artichoke: - Prep your organic artichokes the day before and roast them on the grill. STRUCTUREbags shares how.

2. Honest Kids drink pouches - if you've been around me on BBQ day, you know I rarely let "Little STRUCTUREbags" near "juice" boxes. First, are they really juice? Second, have you seen a kid on a sugar rush? Honest to the rescue! My friend, Nicole, introduced these to me and everyone in the family loves them. "Little" loves the taste. I love that they are organic fruit and water - and only 40 calories each.

3. Annie's Organic BBQ Sauce - This is on my "try" list. We love Annie's cheddar bunnies and gummie bunnies. Again, we rarely buy "snacks," but when we do (road trip!), we prefer Annie's. I'd expect this sauce to be just as well-made.

five green finds

4. Large organic tote by STRUCTUREbags! Okay, this is cheating a bit, but seriously, this bag is versatile, washable and big. One happy customer says it's her everyday go-to bag for all things on-the-go: mama-and-baby-time, beach-time, travel-time. Why not BBQ time, too? Choose a bright, organic color tote combo or keep it Camo with a Cause. Lots of room and machine washable.

5. Give your side dish a dash of organic. Swap out some organic mayo in the potato salad. Mix up your slaw with organic vinaigrette. Toss the caprese salad with organic tomatoes. Remember - not everything ingredient has to be organic to feel good about the dish!

Have a safe, happy and wonderful weekend - and a delicious, organic BBQ. Comment to let me know how you're making it eco-friendly.


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