When I roll out of the rack at 0-dark-thirty, going green is the last thing on my mind. Fortunately, with a tiny bit of planning it can be super-simple to keep it eco & body friendly. No back-breaking - or bank-breaking - required.

Here are a few ideas brought to you by Five Green Finds to get your morning fire lit...

1. Organic egg scramble: nearly every grocer has a cage-free or organic egg option. They can be pricy, but there are deals to be had. Dice some organic peppers, onion and saute for a fast and easy scramble. Or keep it super simple and spice up your basic scrambled egg with organic salsa.

2. Organic pastries: yum! If there is one thing I enjoy, it is a morning pastry. Buying pastries can cost a pretty penny - organic or not - but turning your favorite basic recipe is inexpensive and a snap. Remember my recipe on organic berry scones? Try it. Or green-up your favorite morning carb by swapping out the flour, butter, sugar and fruit with organic options.

3. Organic morning cup: I dedicated a whole blog to my vice - fresh, strong coffee. Whether you choose organic coffee or tea, or simply grab that organic milk (eh, creamer only for me, thanks...), feel good about it! No time to brew at home? No problem - take your reusable cup to the coffee shop!

4. Organic parfait: couple your favorite organic fruit with fresh organic yogurt. I've found Trader Joe's to consistently have great prices on all their organic dairy products - from yogurt to butter.

5. Green up your dishes: ditch the paper plates and napkins in favor of reusable plates. For breakfast I always seem to grab our in indestructible patio plates. They are cute, small and easy to rinse and toss in an energy efficient dishwasher.

Happy Five Green Finds Friday! Let me know how you'll go green in the morning.