STRUCTUREbags wristlet


What makes our STRUCTUREbag different? Today we share just what makes our wristlet stand-out - and what makes it stand-up to the demands of everyday life. We want our STRUCTUREbag to be your STRUCTUREbag...

When we create our best-selling wristlet, we cut, fuse, pin, sew, iron, trim, turn and finish - with a lot of details in between. And every step counts!

canvas wristlet

Our canvas and duck are high-quality fabrics, with heavy weight and lasting quality. That goes for our zippers, too. In a rainbow of colors, we enjoy giving you fun palates for your STRUCTUREbags.

We don't sew our straps permanently to the side of the bag. Instead, we take the extra time to sew in a d-ring and create a detachable strap. This gives you the flexibility to convert your wristlet to a make-up bag or use your strap as a key chain. Bonus: the swivel claps never tangles.

STRUCTUREbags wristletAnd why do we take the extra time to fuse interfacing inside these wristlets? No droopy, floppy bags! Plus, they feel extra-soft.

A few of our special finishing touches? We stitch-in a beautiful, hand-crafted organic STRUCTUREbags label. We give you a gorgeous eco-friendly reuseable wooden charm: keep in on your bag or reinvent it as a key chain. Just ask, and you'll receive complimentary gift wrap.

Every step we take is to make the most versatile, fun, function bag we can. These steps are why our bags stand-up to several washes - by machine or by hand - and  whey they look great on your wrist or in your bag.

I use my wristlet everyday. Do you own a STRUCTUREbags wristlet? Have you had other brand wristlets? What makes you love your STRUCTUREbags wristlet? What would you love to see added to your STRUCTUREbags wristlet?

Leave a comment and let me know - we want to make every STRUCTUREbag the absolute best it can be.