We've got travel in our sights, but that doesn't mean we have to toss healthy eating out the passenger window!

Our STRUCTUREbag Large Tote is packed and here are a few of the green snacks making the trip:

five green finds

1. Annie's Bunny Cookie Snacks: These graham cracker goodies are a fun alternative to conventional sweets or cookies on a roadie.


2. Target's Simply Smart Organic Squeezable Apple & Mango Sauce: I will admit - I have a love-hate relationship with tese pouches. I love that they are all natural, 100-percent fruit and fill her up more than juice, but... She inhales these in less than one minute. Still, I always buy them because we consider travel snacks "special treats."

3. Cliff Bar's Organic Kid Z-Bars: A bit pricey when bought a-la-carte, but Target had these by the box. Our favorite is the honey graham, but these chocolate chip bars are a close second. Only about 100 calories each and a real energy boost.

4. Stoneyfield's Organic Smoothies: We usually bring a small cooler with us, so this was a wonderful find. More filling than the squeezable pouches and more pricey. That said, for a boost of protein and real yogurt, these are a hit.

5. Old-fashioned fruit! A bit self explanatory, but I will say this: apples make the perfect travel snack for our pre-schooler. They are sweet, stay fresh, don't bruise and come in many styles and sizes. Plus, Mom and Dad love them, too.

I always buy the single bags of any crackers or trail mix and snack-bag them with the help of my little traveler. Then we place a few of each in to her favorite lunch box (currently we love a certain kitty...) and she gets to help herself during the drive.

What are your favorite healthy travel snacks? Are you a road tripper? Share a favorite funny story!


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