Car washing and DIY isn't always a green assignment. Here are five tips to help you make getting your car clean a little more eco-freindly - even in a drought.

1. Try a professional car wash. Did you know DIY car washes use 80-140 gallons of water? Pro shops typically use half that. Plus, they dispose of the nasty, greasy water in accordance with standards, keeping it out of our storm drains.

2. Use a green soap. If you do wash at home, choose one with a non-toxic, phosphate-free or biodegradable label like Simple Green's Wash & Wax. There are many choices widely available.

3. Go waterless. I've never tried this, but would love to hear from those who have. This $20 bottle of concentrated formula from Eco Touch is available at Target and says it cleans up to 30 cars.

4. Sparkling wheels & tires. Use a water-based tire and wheel cleaner. Yes! They exist! This one from Adam's is a little more expensive at $13 per bottle, but others are around for less.

5. Green glass cleaner. Yes, you can make those windshields glisten. Choose an eco-friendly cleaner for every glass surface or make your own. Take it one step further and use no cleaner at all with products like H2O at Home. A friend introduced me to the cleaning cloths - easy, green and work great. Stop by her H2O site.

Do you have a favorite car-cleaning product that happens to be eco-friendly, too? Share your ideas - links welcome!