What are the benefits of buying organic accessories?

The fashion industry sends a lot of mixed messages about whether buying organic is truly worthwhile. For small businesses, like STRUCTUREbags, we have the make a conscious choice between organic cotton, which can be expensive, versus non-organic, which is mass produced to be more cost-effective.

What it comes down to is having a long-term vision for our business, our customers, and our earth. When you choose eco-friendly accessories, you’re also playing an important role, making an investment in our earth. 

Here are a few reasons why going green makes a difference:

1. Cotton uses 25% of the world’s pesticides. Pesticide use is linked to numerous environmental problems--causing toxic runoff and indiscriminately killing beneficial insects, birds, and animals. Organic cotton is independently verified and certified as grown without the use of insecticide and pesticide.

2. In developing countries, cotton is often hand-picked. The workers are exposed to dangerous chemicals that are known to cause birth defects, disrupt fertility, and compromise immune systems.

3. Our organic canvas supports organic farmers who are motivated to improve techniques and innovative technologies to make organic cotton more viable in the competitive market. Organic farmers use low-impact techniques that support biological diversity and maintain soil fertility--something that conventional cotton producers don’t even take into account (they’re focused rather, on mass production to meet demand).

4. Because so many things we use on a daily basis are made with cotton, our exposure to toxic chemicals is also a consideration. Organic fabrics don’t contain the pesticides and insecticides that can irritate sensitive skin. So, if you were to give someone a gift, like the organic canvas wristlet gift set, you could feel great knowing that wristlet strap is pesticide free!

We love organic fashion because it is both beautiful and earth-minded. We support farmers who practice ethical, sustainable growing, and we make a beautiful, durable product that we can feel good about using. Buying eco-friendly bags is a win-win, for your closet, and our planet!

Thank you!