Engineering. Just the word conjures up super-charged nerd-like images.

But at STRUCTUREbags, we are working hard to change your mind - and make you see that an engineering background can not only be a strength, it can be a beautiful benefit, as well.

Before our two-person family made a sudden job move from California to New York, I was an engineer - a seismic engineering specialist.

You know the kind: the ones that talk about non-linear analysis and have spirited discussions about rigid-end offsets.

Life of the party, right there! (At cocktail parties I'm always getting asked to do calculator demonstrations - it's a gift I have...)

But seriously, the emergence of STRUCTUREbags was a bit more natural than one might think. And there are benefits! For you!

Here are three reasons having an engineer make your eco-friendly bag benefits you:

large tote

1. STRUCTURAL Integrity: I have now made hundreds of bags and accessories that are in daily use. I've used one of my wristlets daily for over a year and thru a half-dozen washes without issue. If you ever have a structural failure - please tell me. I want to know about it - and do my best to make it right. Our bags are built to last.

2. STRUCTURAL Detail: Attention to detail is always important in making a great bag. This is true for both the durability of the bag and the aesthetic. Our bags are beautifully top-stitched. Strategically interfaced. Finished with quality hardware. Our bags are thoughtful.

3. STRUCTURAL Design: Structural design, you ask? Yes, I say! Those many quarters in architectural design lab weren't just for making cool cardboard models or learning how to letter just so. No! These lessons actually translate to clean designs - plans, if you will - for every bag. If you saw my design book with its patterns and line work, you'd know that this organization helps me bring you a better product. Our bags are efficiently made and well-crafted.

Did you know that "engineer" actually means to "design and build"? This made my heart melt just a little bit.

So, although I am now splitting my time on structural engineering and bag engineering, know that every bag I make has a little structural inspiration in it - just for you!

And just for fun: let me know your favorite thing about engineers, engineering, a fun nick-name for engineers, or your favorite engineering Hollywood character. It makes me feel a little less nerdy when I put my pocket protector in.


Our new collection debuts this winter and has a real a nod to structural engineering built right in. I cannot wait to show you! Be sure you are on our mailing list and be first to see it!