Fall is in the air - even here in sunny California.

Fall Centerpiece in 10 minutes

So, grab your pumpkin latte - if that's your fancy - and follow along... Because today we share a couple of ways we've made our home a little more festive this season: DIY style!


Fall Centerpiece

A couple weeks ago, we picked up this fun little can of flavored coffee. When recycle day came, I just knew "Little STRUCTUREbags" could make something fun.

That fun came in the form of a DIY-a-la 1975, some fabric scraps and a bouquet of flowers...

Total time, including time loss due to extra help from my assistant: about 10 minutes.

Let me know if you take this easy DIY on and what creative spins you make.

Items needed:

1. 12-oz can of coffee. This brand had a wonderful pull tab leaving no sharp edges

2. Fat Quarter of festive fall fabric. We chose a scrap we love in a bold orange print from our original cotton mini pouch.

3. Burlap ribbon. Our black burlap was already in our stash - I love the contrast it gives.

4. Jute twine. It's what we use for our complimentary vintage blueprint gift wrap.

5. Glue stick. Any will do - including a princess one from the dollar store.

6. Tacky glue. This is available at any craft or sewing shop - though you could make-do without it.

7. Scissors. Optional: rolling cutter, straight edge and mat. Also optional: pinking shears.

Let's go: Peel away the label and wash and dry the can. Measure the height and diameter with a sewing tape - or just use your twine to get the distance. Cut your rectangle height with a nice straight line. Cut your length to the diameter you measured plus one inch, to allow for overlap. Cut one vertical edge with your pinking shears. Grab your glue stick and attach to the can - a great task for little, eager hands. Next, cut your burlap ribbon the same length as your fabric and glue at your desired height using the tacky glue. Be sure to align your seams. Now wrap twine and tie a bow to suit your taste. Finally, fill with fabulous fall flowers. Easy. Done. In 10 minutes!


Fall Wreath

This tutu wreath comes to you via a tutorial provided by Michael's, which I shared with our Facebook and Twitter followers last week.

The tutorial says this is an intermediate project, but we found the only skill really needed is patience. Looping all those straps takes time. But it was incredibly simple, very inexpensive (less than $15 for all the needed supplies with my single-item coupon), and came out fabulous.

We went the extra mile and bought the three-pack of black pom-poms and a bag of pipe cleaners to make spiders. Totally worth it!

"Little STRUCTUREbags" squealed with delight when we hung it in our entry.


I hope you try a few DIYs. "Little STRUCTUREbags" and I had a great Tuesday afternoon making these. And we love the way they brighten up our home.



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