November. It's the month we mark Election Day, Veteran's Day and Thanksgiving.

There is no coincidence November is the month we celebrate our Season of Thanks campaign. This year, we are focusing on the spouses of deployed service members and active duty service members by being "Deployment Angels."

Here's why:

I first heard of "Deployment Angels" on Valentine's Day of 2013 when someone secretly left a small box of chocolates for a neighbor I was visiting - the wife of a deployed soldier. We'd just been introduced, but we all teared-up: my friend, her neighbor and me. 

I am a civilian who lived among military for five wonderful years. During that time, I made lasting connections with many military spouses. I even wrote about Five Things I Learned From Military Spouses. Some of my best friends are now scattered around the nation - on to their next duty station.

So, this year, as I am far from these military friends, I am thinking of them. I am thinking of these ladies who never stop giving, never quit, never ask for anything in return.

This holiday season, let's reach out to them - husbands, wives, active duty service members - by honoring their choice in small and big ways. Here are a few ideas to get you started.

Know a military spouse?

1. Watch the kids - for free: When a parent is on his own with the kids - sometimes for up to a year - personal time is at a premium. Whether a stay-at-home parent or one who works outside the home, having some "me" time can really help a person recharge.

2. Deliver a meal: Let's face it, prepping dinner can be a chore even with all hands on deck. So next time you plan to make a casserole, ask ahead and see what day you can deliver enough for their family. Always check for allergies!

3. Combination dinner and sitting: The other day a neighbor invited our daughter over for an impromptu dinner and delivered dinner for my husband and me. Wow! How great was that? Now imagine you are a flying solo with the kids. Double wow!

4. Fix something: It's Murphy's Law: when help is less, more will break. If you have a skill that is helpful around the house, pitch-in! Check in once a month and see if something needs fixing. Then make arrangements to fix it.

5. Do a chore: Mow the lawn. Rake the leaves. Help winterize. I've never met a person who says no to yard work help. Spending an hour helping with a chore will go a long way.

6. Nominate someone for our Season of Thanks campaign: Sometimes, on a particularly rough day, a simple gift  can make all the difference. Our campaign lets you say, "I'm thinking of you! You are not alone."

Don't know a military spouse?

1. Join Team RWB: Did you know our strategic partner, Team Red, White & Blue welcomes and needs civilians just like you? Team RWB is comprised of active duty service members, spouses of service members, veterans and civilians - all working together thru fitness to ease the transition from active duty to civilian life.

2. Honor the Military on Veteran's Day: Even if you don't personally know a military spouse of a deployed service member, showing your thanks on Veteran's Day will be noticed. It could be as simple as a social media post saying thank you to buying a cup of coffee for a uniformed service member. It could be as big as volunteering at a Veteran's Day event or running with the flag to help remind others of our military's sacrifices. Choose what is right for you.

3. Donate: Have more cash than time right now? There are many terrific not-for-profit organizations that partly or fully focus on families of deployed soldiers. Here are a few. Operation Homefront helps stateside service members with a variety of programs from Military Child of the Year to assistance with unforeseen expenses with their relief program. National Military Family Association has a program specifically designed to aid military families during deployment. USA Cares focuses on military families in crisis: "Our goal is to help restore financial stability and self-sufficiency by giving 'a hand up.'" And Blue Star Families.

Do you have a favorite military non-profit or a creative way to lend a hand? Please share.

But even more - please act. Lend a hand, say thank you, flash a smile. These men and women - service member and spouse alike - are some of the greatest I've ever known.