During the cooler months, we tend to turn on the oven a bit more. And there is no side dish I love more than a roasted vegetable.

Growing up, my family would bake skinless chicken breasts with onion and potatoes. And although I always enjoyed this healthy dish, the potatoes and chicken never quite cooked at the same speed. So, we often had either dry chicken or crunchy potatoes. Or sometimes both. Yikes! (Sorry Mom & Dad...)

Readers of the blog will know "Little STRUCTUREbags" and I enjoy taking the mile walk to the neighborhood market, and recently I was inspired to try to up the ante on our roasted potatoes a bit. Enter the organic baby golden potato

organic roasted baby golden potatoes

We spotted this 24 ounce package of baby potatoes for $3.99 - roughly $2.66 per pound. It seemed a little steep for potatoes. And it was. Regular russets are currently $0.99 per pound! But a quick comparison to non-organic baby potatoes ($1.99 per pound) and I decided to spend the extra $0.66 per pound to "go organic,"  knowing it makes most "dirty dozen" lists and that we will be eating the skin.


So, here's the simple little recipe that brought our previously dry, chewy potatoes to creamy, crispy and elegant.

Roasted Organic Golden Baby Potatoes

24-ounces bag of organic golden potatoes (use half a bag), or about 3/4 pound bulk
1 or 2 tsp quality olive oil
Kosher or sea salt (I use kosher for a less expensive but still-elegant option)
Cracked pepper (I use the pre-cracked, so much less expensive than the whole peppercorn)
Optional: 1/2 organic yellow onion, thinly sliced

organic roasted baby golden potatoes

Pre-heat oven to between 375 and 425 depending on what else you have cooking.

Wash about 12 ounces of potatoes and prepare them for precooking. (I once again have a microwave, and pre-cooking potatoes is one of the few ways it gets used!) I pricked the little potatoes with a fork and cook them on high for about 6-7 minutes or mostly cooked. Cut cooked potatoes into large, bite-sized cubes, being careful with the hot potato steam.

Place in a baking dish already sprayed with cooking oil for easy clean-up. Drizzle with olive oil and salt and pepper to taste. Top with onions, if desired. Toss.

Bake between 20 and 30 minutes or until fully cooked. The great thing about these little guys is they are so flexible and moist - they are hard to dry out. If you like, do like I do and turn up the oven to 450 and crisp them up for about 10 minutes.


We are fortunate to have a market close by that has a great selection of and reasonable prices on organic foods. From fresh produce to dairy and dried goods, Von's really does bring the organic option to families at a reasonable price.

Where do you find your favorite produce? Do you stick to farmer's markets? Do you always by organic? Are you like us and you pick and choose?

Remember, it's not about making every choice organic, but feeling good about the choices you make! Happy cooking!


We are expanding our blog to include at least one recipe a month!

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