Five Green Find Friday is getting a facelift! Please welcome "Green Find Fridays" - a snapshot of something eco-friendly shared to raise your awareness to all the great green products on the market. From groceries to fashion, welcome to Green Find Fridays!

STRUCTUREbags Green Find Friday

Do you remember our first Five Green Finds post? On the list was organic milk. Organic dairy gives you the biggest bang for your buck with a great benefits to you! A study published in PLOS One cited organic milk as having a clear cut advantage over conventional milk. Read more about the advantages of organic dairy in the New York Times article.

Back to our green find for this Friday. We are ramping-up our recipe section on the blog and I've been busy researching, buying and making goodies of all kinds using organic ingredients. And, yes! Organic whipping cream is in on an ingredient list (or two).

I'm always conscience of the dollar difference between an organic and its non-organic counterpart. That's a big part of what I will share here on Green Find Fridays and within our recipes. Here, you can see that the organic choice was only $0.30 to $0.40 cents more - about a 7-percent difference. Well worth it in my mind.

Take a look at your dairy section next time you're out and share what you found. Thanks for stopping by!


Do you have a green find you want to share? Send me a photo and a description and maybe we'll share it on the blog. Remember - not every choice needs to be green, but feel good about every green choice you make!


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