Even in a drought, you can enjoy a lovely garden. Here are a few ideas to get you started...

1. Create a container vegetable garden. It's been two years since I first planted our organic container garden with "Little STRUCTUREbags." I'm proud to say it made the move to California and is up and running! Plus, this kit is self-watering and wastes no water. A win-win, for sure! Check out our original post on our Organic Container Garden. (How cute is "Little" in that post?!?)

2. Plant succulents. Out West, succulents are all the rage. I know I have a new appreciation for their beauty and versatility. We replanted our garden box and it's stood up beautifully for over a year!

3. Mulch is your friend. Did you know? Mulch, used properly, can save gallons of water everyday! Using 2-inches of mulch can cut your water use by 20-percent! Bonus: weeding is so much easier...

 4. Use a drip system for irrigation. Rather than spraying plants with a hose - use targeted drip systems. Inexpensive kits are available at most hardware stores, are easy DIY projects and can even be installed directly to your exisiting outdoor spigot - with an automatic timer.

Looking for more inspiration? Check out some of these "drought tolerant garden" pins.

Happy (drought-conscience) gardening. Do you have more ideas? Please share!