Mother's Day is just a few weeks away and - YIPES - it's time to get creative! Not to worry... here are five great eco-friendly DIY projects for the mom in your life.

1. Seed Bombs: Great for semi-green thumb mom, seed bombs are easy-to-grow little nuggets with a seed inside. Organic Life has a great seed bomb tutorial that uses only four ingredients. Don't forget to dress up your packaging! B. Lovely Events gathered some great packaging ideas.

DIY Centerpiece

2. Coffee-Can-Vase & Flowers: Remember when we repurposed a coffee can into a beautiful cloth-covered centerpiece? Take a page from that great DIY and dress up that same can for Spring! Add your favorite flowers from the garden or florist and you've taken your Mother's Day gift from a "nice gesture" to a "memory" in less than 10 minutes. 

3. Shaped Bird Feeders: Reading the ingredient list makes this only semi-green, but it does have a nod to nature. I can picture the moms in my life sipping a cup of coffee early in on a cool morning watching the birds pecking away at these cuties. Adapt this heart-shaped wedding favor birdseed DIY to anything you like...

4. Salted Caramels: Mom have a sweet tooth? We've got that covered, too! Remember our organic salted caramel recipe? This is certainly not a kid-craft, but it is easier than you'd think. Package in a beautiful coffee mug and pair with a small coffee sample bag and mom has a beautiful afternoon treat. Ahhhh!

5. Bath Bombs: If we've got an idea for bombing the garden, why not bomb the bath, too? These cuties are DIY, green-minded and pocketbook friendly. I chose this DIY from many the many out there because the author took the time to share why making your own bath salts is a good, green idea.

Not up for a Mother's Day DIY? You know STRUCTUREbags has something for every mom in your life... Plus we gift wrap for free, too!