It's May and that means the universities of our great nation are sending educated men and women out in to the real world. The actual real world... Not the "real world" of college that parents sent their kids off to. No! I mean the real world where you work 9-5 and there's no meal plan conveniently loaded on to a card tucked away in your (STRUCTUREbags) wallet. There's no pick-up basketball game outside your window. No club meeting that includes free food and entertainment.

We all know some grads (nephew, son, granddaughter, neighbor, best-friend). So, I thought I'd dig deep in to my memory bank and share some lessons learned from life as a recent grad and present them to you - the gift giver...

Here are three unique, functional gift ideas for the new college grad.

1. Slow-cooker: Yes, I know what you're thinking. Who wants to give a college grad a slow-cooker? B-o-r-i-n-g! But don't you remember what it was like trying to cook for one all the time? And stay healthy? And at the end of a day? The  slow-cooker is a great intro for the beginner cook. Bundle this with a slow-cooker cookbook in a version that suits the recipient. Just be sure to buy a cooker and cookbook geared for a single person. Don't forget to tell them about our awesome organic pea-soup - which makes great leftovers and lunches to go.

2. Gym membership: I remember college. I thought I was soooo busy studying. But guess what? I still had time to first play an intercollegiate sport and then a club sport, go on academic field trips, watch an occasional movie and date the man who is now my husband. Staying fit was just part of living. But after college? I was so busy figuring life out I didn't have time to join the local pogo stick basketball team. I did, however, learn to love the gym located in the same complex as my first job and made a ton of friends in the process (and who doesn't need a few outside-of-work friends?). Couple that with a fun gym bag - or, say STRUCTUREbag's tote or fold-over cross - and you've got a winning gift!

3. Netflix subscription: OK. If you don't know my age yet, I'm about to reveal something very revealing and scary. Not only was Netflix not a possibility back when I graduated college, but the "internet" and "email" was something relatively new. Lucky 2015 grads! Don't let your grad spend his hard-earned entry-level paycheck on $15 per-person movie tickets. Instead, encourage grads to invite a few friends over for a 90s theme movie night. If the thought of giving a gift subscriptions is just too boring, feel free to dress it up by tucking a note with the details in a washable travel kit by STRUCTUREbags - because what new grad doesn't want to travel too? (See what I did there? It was a bonus idea! Wink!)

When I graduated from Cal Poly back-in-the-day, my most memorable gifts were two things: my formal briefcase and my gym bag. The first: lovely and useful, but nowadays perhaps a gift best left to the user. The second: so off-the-wall at the time I thought it strange. Funny how it worked out.

Do you have a new college grad you're celebrating? Give him or her a shout out right here! Let me know his/her major and let's celebrate them together.

Congrats to you all - graduates and those who love them.