Bum. Da. Bum. Bum. You just graduation college, and now you're solely in charge of your life. No belt and suspenders support system going on in your neighborhood anymore. You've got a commute, a paycheck and neighbors who (gasp!) look like me...

The real world should have you thinking about how to manage this new so-called-life. So to help you (or someone you love), I've listed my top five blog types for new college graduates:

1. Management or Career: Even if you haven't landed your dream job or aren't yet in your dream position, you can be ready when the opportunity arises. So, find a blog that you connect with - preferably one where you can interact with the writer. This means a smaller or up-and-coming blog. A new one I'm enjoying is by a college classmate of mine: former engineer and business strategest, Jackie Basset. Check out her blog, Peeps First, for insight on management strategy and putting people first.

2. Financial: Oh, yes, money. Hurray! You've finally got real money you can legitimately call your own. So it's time to dine out, fly to Vegas, buy a new car and pay the minimum on that student loan. Wait - that doesn't sound right? Good! Now go read a financial planning blog like Suze Orman's and find out what you actually can afford and how to avoid unneeded debts.

3. Hobby or DIY: Enough about career and money (those first two are so grown-up!). You need to have a little fun in your life, too! When your workday ends and you've paid your bills, you still want to have something productive to help you let off steam. Whether you love crafting, board-gaming or getting your hands dirty with a set of Craftsman tools, there's a blog out there to help you do it. Love to sew? Try Sew Mama Sew. Love to craft and build? How about Dream Green DIY? Even if your budget doesn't yet allow for spending money on this hobby (see 2, above), learn terms, tricks and techniques along the way.

4. Family or Faith: I know it's hard to believe, but there is more to life than just satisfying yourself. No, really, there is. Find a blog on family, faith or spirituality that resonates with you. Maybe it's connected with your church or perhaps it give tips on putting family first. This is a personal one, so I'll leave the searching up to you - but do find one. If you're not sure how to start, think of a well-known author, speaker or faith leader and go from there. Just be sure to feed your soul.

5. Cooking: Because we all need to eat. So why not start following a daily cooking blog to get real-life ideas on what to make for dinner? Sure, you may just be cooking for one right now, but think of how you can dazzle your friends with a grown-up dinner party. Yes, you are growing up! One favorite daily blog: Mel's Kitchen.

Now, get yourself a feedly account, get organized and start reading blogs that aren't just entertaining - but actually help you! (Psst... you can find us on feedly, too!)

Thanks you for being a part of the STRUCTUREbags blog. I hope you'll visit often for great recipes, DIY tips, organic living and from-the-heart moments and ideas. Congrats 2015 grads!