Happy Father's Day!

Being a dad means so many things, and we at STRUCTUREbags want to celebrate all those great dads. So we've asked some of our favorite dads - and some kids of great dads - to share their thoughts on Dad.

From silly memories to heart-felt stories, the love they shared was real. Let's take a look!



Father's Day

What does being a dad mean to you?


"Being a dad means you enjoy being with your family." Roger, great dad

"It means love. My daughter is so special in my eyes and I enjoy being with her." Clint, great dad

"Honored, appreciative, thankful, blessed, and the greatest promotion ever!" - Balloon Dad, great dad

What advice would you give a new dad?

"Every day for the first six months after your baby is born do something kind for your wife that she didn't ask you to do. It's the little things that matter." - Roger, great dad

"Lead by example because they will follow your actions.  Know that they will remember how you made them feel much longer than remember what you may have said. Have fun and enjoy it!" - Clint, great dad

"Expect to have your heart melted every single day.  Cherish it!" Balloon Dad, great dad

What makes a great dad?

"My dad is great because he has always been my biggest supporter, or "fan." No matter what it is, my dad has always made me feel like whatever I accomplish in life, large or small, is the most important, amazing, and impressive achievement. He also loves my mom more than anyone in the world, and has set a great example for me for how a woman should be treated in loving relationship." - Erin, kid of a great dad

"I don't think there's one magical quality to being a great dad- all dads are different. But just wanting to spend time with your kids, and laugh, and be silly, is so important. Being a strong and positive presence for kids is the greatest impact and influence a man can have. And I have my dad (and mom) to thank for showing me a loving, supportive, positive, and equal marriage. Go dads!" - Allie, kid of a great dad

"Being there and being a good role model for their children to look up to." - Derrian, kid of a great dad

What's a favorite dad memory?

"When my son was six or seven he wouldn't want to get out of bed. I would go into his room, he would climb on my back and I'd run down the hall. While dumping him on our bed I'd say in dramatic fashion, 'Crash of the Day!' Then he would laugh his head off." - Roger, great dad

"On Saturdays, my parents would ask me who I wanted to hang out with. I always picked my dad, because he told me he was running 'erins.'  I always got a Slurpee at the end of the day when he was done taking me to the bank, drug store and more!" - Erin, kid of a great dad

"I went to the park with my daughter and in the sand box we were making roads for pretend cars - she named it 'Sugar Road!' That was over two years ago and still today if we find ourselves at the park playing in a sandbox we play 'Sugar Road!'" - Clint, great dad

"I love being silly with my dad, and as a little girl I loved playing Pretty Pretty Princess with him, and on occasion tying his hair up in bows and sparkly clips-- there's a photo out there documenting this!" - Allie, kid of a great dad

"Having been without children into my mid-forties, I'm in constant amazement at the joy my girls get out of balloons and bubbles.  I remember playing with both as a child, but I can't believe the utter delight they get in chasing balloons and running/jumping for and popping bubbles.   It is magical to watch and more so activity involved." Balloon Dad, great dad

"I remember my dad reading braiding books so he could braid my sister and I's hair... He was a single Dad raising my sister and me by himself." - Derrian, kid of a great dad


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Sending love to all dads and the kids and wives who love them!