Fall Festival

Last week, "Little STRUCTUREbags" had a day off from school. So we packed a lunch, got an early start and enjoyed a long afternoon at a local farm having a month-long Fall Festival!

Brookshire Farms is located on the outskirts of San Luis Obispo, off Los Osos Valley Road. I found it by chance, on a recent business trip to Los Osos.

Little and I were looking forward to choosing a pumpkin. And when there is a little in the house, there is something special about skipping the pumpkins at the local market and heading out to a farm.

From the beautiful displays to the creative play options, from the traditional hay ride to the clever 3.5 mile corn maze, we were delighted! Of course the huge and abundant bounce houses were an added bonus for Little...

We got started doing what every family will do - we snapped a pic to measure our "corn."

Fall Festival

Even my little one loved the creativity Brookshire showed in their displays. We saw a beautiful mix of gourds and pumpkins and rusty ol' tools...

Fall Festival

Yes, I wanted to buy the entire display - make that displays - and try to find a way to show them off on our compact patio...

Fall Festival

Pumpkins we wanted and pumpkins we got! These were so vibrant in color and so beautifully unblemished!

Fall Festival

And we both had a good laugh and "ewww" and "cool" and these unusual pumpkins! Have you ever seen these before? I hadn't. What fun!

Fall Festival

The maze was a mix of fun and work. We took our time, brought our lunch and Little rode most of the way on a fat-tired wagon. Mama was tired at the end, but not before we made our way through and managed to punch many of the "Mazopoly" pieces along the way.

Corn maze

The hay ride was the perfect follow-up to the long trek through the corn maze. They even place burlap sacks over the hay bales and pass a cow bell around for the kids to ring.

Hay Ride

Spotted on the hay ride: organic popping corn ready to harvest. I'll admit, I had no idea that "popping corn" was different than regular corn. Live and learn!

Organic Popcorn

A few last adventures before we go. Little enjoyed several of their creative tire swings.

Tire Ride

Yee Haw! Roping a bull!

Lasso & Playground

We loved our trip to Brookshire Farms - and even can say it was worth the at-first-glance-steep admission fee. It was clean, friendly and offered a full afternoon of clean, safe, family fun.

Does your town have a great little fall destination? Do you have a traditional Fall Festival? What makes it great?