The Organic Canvas line is set to debut this summer and it has all the style and function you’ve come to expect from STRUCTUREbags. The durability is built in and the quality shines.

But with all the fabulous cotton prints and fabrics available on the market, why limit STRUCTUREbags to organic cottons? The answer is quite simple: STRUCTUREbags is grounded in a mission to give back.

That said, here are three reasons why STRUCTUREbags uses certified organic cottons in its products:

  1. Pesticides – Animal toll. Pesticides do more than kill the organisms damaging crops. Overspray and run-off of pesticides can pollute waterways. Although the complete toll is difficult to quantify, the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service reports “one or more pesticides were detected more than 90% of the time in water, in more than 80% of fish sampled, and in 33% of major aquifers” in the United States.
  2. Pesticides – Human toll: In developing counties where pesticide standards and application practices are not as strict as those in the United States, the human risk is greater. A 2004 report published by the World Health Organization notes somewhere between 1 million and 5 million people are sickened from pesticides annually – resulting in 20,000 deaths among agricultural workers. According to the USGS, 88-percent of the world’s cotton is produced outside the United States.
  3. Benefits the earth – In the United States, crop farmers are using many techniques to farm organically. From using green manures to organic mulch, from planting buffer strips of vegetation to using water management systems, farmers are finding ways to protect their ecosystem and farm workers. But these practices do come at a price – according to the USGS, the cost of an organic farm’s operation is 57% higher than the national average.

The list of benefits of organically grown cotton goes on.

But that doesn’t mean that non-organically grown doesn’t have a place in our lives. Modern farming techniques practiced safely and with scrutiny result in higher yields and lower costs. This is a good thing. But with such a high percentage of cotton produced outside the United States, knowing these safety practices are in place is difficult. Becoming more educated as a consumer is key.

And full-disclosure - STRUCTUREbags is still working to become even more eco-friendly. We’ve already completed our transition to only using organic cotton fabrics inside and out. Other items at the top of the to-do list are: finding an alternative to synthetic interfacing, using zippers with organic cotton tape and finding a quality alternative to poly-cotton threads.

STRUCTUREbags is determined to produce an eco-friendly product without sacrificing quality. Now, when you carry your Organic Canvas STRUCTUREbag, you won’t just feel stylish, you will know you’ve given a little something back.

Remember - not every step has to be organic, but take time to feel good about every organic step you make!