Can you believe it? Mother’s Day is right around the corner! While most of us moms just love getting something special from, say, STRUCTUREbags, it is always a special treat to receive a hand-made gift from our own child/grandchild/godchild.

Mitten Sachet for Mom

With that in mind, I wanted to share a gift idea dreamed up right here in the studio, taking a little something from our soon to be launched summer collection and adding a dose of personalization: Project Scented Mitten Sachet.

Here are the items you will need: an upcycled mitten, needles and thread, a button, paper, tape, scissors and a wonderfully scented filling. We chose Little STRUCTUREbag’s outgrown hot pink mitten, some funky lime green embroidery thread, a vintage white flower button and fine grade organic lavender.

 gather supplies - upcycle as much as you can!

gather supplies

The first few steps are perfect for little hands! Create a funnel from scratch paper – the printouts that are no longer needed or were wrong. Tape shut.

little fingers love tape!


Pour in your scented filling, making sure you plump it to perfection - ours took about 1/2 cup. Don’t miss the tiny little thumb!

fill with scented goods

fill with scented goods

Now for the adult help. Hand stitch the top of the mitten closed with a needle and thread. Start and finish your needle inside the cuff and tuck the end threads inside the mitten after you tie your knots. Note: I first tried to use the sewing machine. I don’t typically work with stretch fabric and the results were not pleasant. But alas, that is what the seam ripper is for, no?

hand-sew closed with a needle and thread

sew Taking the green embroidery thread, I added some false stitches to the top of the mitten. These were placed over the line of actual stitches, further hiding the pink thread. Again, I tucked and hit the tails inside the cuff. Note: I dreamed of doing beautiful “X” stitches, but realize I have no talent when it comes to embroidery. If you do – let your imagination run wild!

topstitch false stitching



Finally, I sewed on the vintage button that was carefully selected by Little STRUCTUREbags. We chose to use the same embroidery thread, adding to the funky flair.

sew on button


All told, this project – with my mistakes - took about 45 minutes! And we cannot wait to get this in the mail for Mother’s Day!


What do you think? Are you making something special for the moms in your life this year? Or, are you looking to buy? If you like this idea, please share, tweet or pin this idea for your friends to see, too!

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Have a wonderful week.