It’s no secret where I learned to sew. It was a gift given to me from my own mother, a talented seamstress. In my mind, she could whip out anything with great skill: dresses, jumpsuits, pillows, curtains, blouses, swimsuits and more! And fabrics never limited her ideas: corduroy, silks, denim and stretch were all tackled by her ease.


Mom is too modest to own her masterful skills. Perhaps it’s because she stepped away from her machine for many years and forgot how good she was. I am honored to say, however, she credits STRUCTUREbags with helping her get her sewing swagger back!

Mother’s Day is Sunday, and I am so grateful to share these tips – straight from Mom – with you. Happy Mother’s Day and happy sewing!


I have been sewing since I was 12 years old, which has been a long time.  Sewing is something that tasks my mind, relaxes me and gives me a feeling of accomplishment. With practice, you can enjoy it, too! Here are my tips for great results.

Mom’s Top Hints:

  1. Know your machine. My first machine was a Singer – not high end but a good workhorse for straight sewing. Test the machine on scrap material to make sure you don't have problems with the tension.  
  2. Take your time when pinning, it will payoff. You material must lay flat. I know this sounds obvious, but you will have trouble getting your project to look right if you have not pinned and cut your material correctly.
  3. Press your seams. Sew, sew, sew... but remember to press your seams - everything lays better if it pressed. This step is tempting to skip, but each step has a reason, and you’ll thank yourself as the project develops. 
  4. Do not get frustrated. Take your time when you sew, but when you have to grab that seam ripper, just relax and rip – it will be fine.

Sometimes I find I get frustrated and want to skip steps, but it always comes back to bit me.  If you want a great product you need to be diligent in your process.  The actual sewing is the most straightforward of all the steps. Sewing is a great outlet and you have something you can use and enjoy the results of for years. Good Luck!


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Now, get out there and sew, then go to the STRUCTUREbags facebook page and post a picture of one of your greatest sewing memories! Share, talk, chat. I love to hear from you!

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