Living at West Point is a gift. From beautiful landscapes to historic structures, there is no shortage of photo worthy scenes. This week, I'm keeping it simple. Let's honor America and the young men and women who will take their military oath on May 25th.

A view down the historic Hudson River:

West Point was a key strong hold of Continental soldiers during the revolutionary war.


A View of the Plain:

The Plain is reserved for cadet parades and a select few other events - like landing of the parachute team. The barracks are for authorized personnel only.

Keep out!

A View of Trophy Point:

A revolutionary era cannon rests at Trophy Point. This place sees thousands of visitors each year.


West Point Architecture:

The architecture, nature and history make the United States Military Academy truly one-of-a-kind. With the cadets finishing TEEs this week (term end exams), I wonder how many will spin that spur in hopes of a passing grade.