organic lavender benifits

As a native Californian, I was spoiled by the year-round gardens enjoyed in our mild climate. Gardens were green and required mowing, flowers bloomed early, often and long, and yards were filled with the sounds of birds chirping.

organic canvas line organic lavender sachetsBut New York, like most of the world, is different! Long winters with little, if any greenery, is the norm. When snow starts to melt and flowers begin to bloom my appreciation soars!

So when I added the organic lavender sachets to our new collection, I knew I would enjoy making - and using - these beauties year round.

There are so many wonderful ways to use our dried organic lavender sachets. Here are just a few:

  • The scent of lavender is a natural moth preventative – moths dislike the scent of lavender
  • Lavender is a natural stress reliever – take in the scent of lavender to help relieve the stress of a long day, lessen the pain of a headache or soothe away body tension.
  • Lavender can help with insomnia – place a sachet inside your pillowcase
  • Lavender is a natural air freshener. Keep one in your foyer and let it give you hug you with its warmth.

Our lavender, or lavandula angustifolia, is certified organic lavender from France. We select the highest grade dried lavender, giving you the most possible benefits.

USMA Cadet Grey Line, Organic Lavender SachetsYou can see why I am so excited about our new line of lavender filled sachets two-packs. Our Organic Canvas Line uses organic canvas and soft colored vintage linens making truly modern and unique sachets. Our Cadet Grey Line uses authentic, upcycled USMA cadet grey uniforms and a gorgeous, gold vintage linen.

How do you use lavender in your home? Are you a believer in aromatherapy? Do you simply love the scent of lavender? Are you visiting a friend this summer and know she would love these? Stop in the store and check out our colors and finishes then come and let me know what you think!