pendant lamp shade

It’s been nearly four months since we shared how we freshened up an old, used desk and made it a fun and funky learning spot for Little STRUCTUREbags. The little lady loves her nook – her own personal space. But we immediately knew she needed a bit of extra light in her tucked away niche.

This week I want to share how we turned an inexpensive, unused lamp shade in to a charming little pendant light. Using a handful of items and taking about 90 minutes, I made something extra special for Little STRUCTUREbags – and she even got to help!

Gather your supplies:

  1. Upcycled, felted 100-precent wool. You can use craft felt – but get the finest grade possible.
  2. Die-cutter or scissors. I broke down earlier this year and bought a fabulous “Big Shot” die cutter and a few dies. This makes quick, precise work of cutting shapes. But a great pair of sharp, small scissors also works great – it is how I’ve cut all the flowers for my upcycled wool collection found in my etsy shop.
  3. Vintage or upcycled buttons. Of course I a biased toward these, as I use them in all my work, but even some shiny new ones will be great!
  4. Sewing needle and button thread. Regular thread will also work – just plan on making more stitches.
  5. Tacky glue, if needed.
  6. Lamp shade. I used one that was bought for another purchase and couldn’t be returned, but there are plenty of options at any box store. Ours was about $15 from Target.
  7. Pendant kit. We bought ours from Lowes.
  8. Drill, drill bit and hammer for hanging lamp.

 gathering supplies for lamp shade pendant

die cutting felted wool flowers

cut felted wool flowersneedle felting wool flowerslaying out felted flowerssewing felted flowerstouching uphanging DIY lamp and deskhanging DIY lamp and desk

We hung her lamp as she slept to keep it all a surprise. To further personalize her nook, we swapped out our wedding pictures in the existing four-pack of frames for some original Little STRUCTUREbags artwork.

When she came down this morning, she gasped at the sight of the hanging pendant. “I love it!” Then saw her pictures… “I did those!”

What a treat to see her face light up and see her immediately want to sit and color. A big pay-off for something so simple to make!

How would you personalize it for your little one? Stars shapes? Leaves? Sport balls? Would you use an alternate fabric? Be sure to comment to let me know what you think. Then pin it, share it and do it!

Have a great day sewing and upcycling with the little ones in your life!