Last week I took a chance, bought some tickets and Little STRUCTUREbags and I headed to the US Open. Yes, that US Open. The one where Serena, Venus, Djokovic and Rafa play… It was truly one of those days I will remember for a lifetime. This, even after a four-hour rain delay!

I always love visiting venues like the USTA Billie Jean King National Tennis Center. Not only do I get to see spectacular athletes competing at their highest level, but I get to be inspired by large-scale structures.

Both Little STRUCTUREbags and my senses were on fire even as we approached the complex. With its stainless steel structure and cool fountains, the Unisphere is a 12-story sculpture made for the 1965 World’s Fair. Seeing a typically structural element used in an artistic way is inspiring.


Inside there were points of inspiration everywhere!


As we waited for entrance to court 17, we stood under the stadium seating so beautifully maintained. A clean connection shows how even the simplest of details can produce beauty. I think of these types of clean details when I create top-stitching, knowing they aren’t just for added structure, but for beauty as well.


From marveling at the scale of the structures to enjoying the beauty of the lights on the elements, the tennis center was truly a delight! We made it to the end of Venus' match - she lost in a third set tiebreak.

Venus Williams at the US Open

Arthur Ashe Stadium

Plus, I could see our yellow and blue tri patterns we use in our Organic Canvas line in the truss structures and our green zig pattern was a match to the underside of court 17.

Have you seen our patterns in the structures around you? Next time you head to a stadium, look around, take it in and think about all the details. This is in-part where STRUCTUREbags draws inspiration.

Send me a note or send a picture of your favorite structures. I’d love to hear about it!