Picture this: an engineer, a carload full of plastic bins and a printed excel spreadsheet checklist.

I drove to the USMA Prep School overflowing with both nerves and excitement. It was the first STRUCTUREbags professional photo shoot and I was definitely out of my element!

But as professional, friendly faces rolled up and a few of my friends joined in the fun, everything settled down and we had a terrific day experimenting, sharing and oh, yes, working very hard!

The STRUCTUREbags photographer, Torin Olsen, was the picture of professionalism: clicking, guiding, brainstorming, and even getting dirty! His assistant, Eric, was kind, spirited and full of energy. Did you know they are both active duty military?

It was a real treat watching a few friends transform to professional models! When I saw that pink and green mini tote in Erin’s hands, it was a real moment, indeed. And just how great was it seeing Lindsay work that wristlet/bifold combo – one of my favorite shots of the day!

The photo shoot was a ton of fun, but definitely took me outside my structural engineer comfort zone! What risks have you taken to say “yes” to doing what is right for you and/or your family? Please share!

Happy adventuring!