structurebags sewing tips

I have been back in the studio working hard to build up our holiday inventory, and it has been a good reminder to keep your eye on the prize: high-quality, beautifully crafted goods.

A few weeks back I shared my sewing must haves. This week, I want to share with you a few of my sewing no-no’s:

Seam ripper: This tool is essential in every sewing project, because we all make mistakes. But it is ever-present in my studio because I am often working with upcycled materials. The Cadet Grey line is not simply a cut and sew project, it is one of washing, deconstructing and reinventing again. That said, it do make mistakes with this tool. Last week I was working on pulling the spoony buttons off a full dress cadet grey. I grabbed my ripper and stabbed myself with the tip. It was the wrong tool for the job and my finger still aches. The other big no-no here is rushing the seam ripping and cutting the fabric. OYE!

Scissors: The rights scissors do make a difference! Use large scissors for large cutting jobs. Small scissors are best for small, detailed work. A few weeks ago I was working on a batch of Camo with a Cause wine totes. All was going great! The seam ripper had stayed in its bin and I even made a new improvement to the design. But I was lazy. I couldn’t find my small scissors and when I was cutting the final thread off the last wine tote – I cut a tiny hole in the lining fabric (about the size of a pin head). I managed to baste the tiny hole closed, and no one but I would know about it, but it wasn’t first-quality work.

Instructions: Everything I sew for is from a “pattern” created in-studio. But when anticipation of the finished project outweighs patience, bad things happen. This occurred yesterday when I was sewing a demo for a new, large diaper/beach/business bag in development. I was so intent on the closure system that I forgot to place the straps before sewing the bag together. Once again, my friend Seam Ripper and I had a few extra minutes together. Exhausting!

There are so many no-no’s out there – these are just a few that I’ve had to remind myself of in the last few weeks. What have you learned along the way during your sewing adventures? What do you do to keep your crafting or design projects top-quality? Do share!