This year we share our most popular posts about our military and their families.  Please remember to visit our Season of Thanks - Deployment Angels page to nominate a deserving active duty, spouse of deployed or spouse of a fallen service member.

Thank you to all who serve - on the front lines and at home. 

Army VS Stanford: A look at what makes USMA football players special. September 2014

Five Lessons from Military Spouses: Some of what I learned from some of the strongest men and women around. June 2014.

Academies: A Peek at Our Future. July 2014.

A Tribute to Veterans: A look at a local monument. July 2014.

History of Camo: A brief history of America's military camo. July 2014.

Villanueva: Hero, Pro, Friend. A personal look at a former USMA footballer. May 2014.

DIY Deployment Angel: How to say thanks whether you know a service member or not. November 2014

Evolution: A look at why and how USMA changed our family. March 2013.

Remember to say thank you today, and to keep our military in your hearts and minds today and everyday!



Army vs Stanford

After 10 consecutive years as a college football coach's wife - including five with West Point - Saturday's Army game at Stanford was more than just a fun outing. It was an unexpected emotional journey that reminded me what makes USMA so special.

Written by Brenda Guyader — September 15, 2014

#IBelieveThatWeWillWin. Now the calling card of the US National Men's Soccer Team. But, its origins are rooted in the Army-Navy football rivalry. Fitting.

Let's celebrate with a patriotic giveaway.

I’ve said it before and it’s worth saying again: my time at West Point changed me. From the cadets to the officers, enlisted soldiers to military spouses, my years at the United States Military Academy were an experience of a lifetime.

Here are five lessons I carry with me everyday:

Written by Brenda Guyader — June 03, 2014

Alejandro Villanueva & Andy Guyader

Alejandro Villanueva – Army soldier and NFL prospect – is making a splash across America. From ESPN to CBS This Morning, media is lining up to learn more about this Army Ranger, this Bronze Star recipient, this three-tour veteran, this decorated hero.

But before the recent headlines, before the tours, even before he was a commissioned officer, I’ve known Alejandro Villanueva simply, and appropriately, as “Ali.”

Written by Brenda Guyader — May 12, 2014