Season of Thanks

Are you thinking about joining in our Third Annual Season of Thanks but aren't sure if you can make a difference?

Ideas on how to rack up miles...

  1. Headed to the mall?
  2. Doing a marathon? Yes! Bring your phone with you!
  3. Catch a ride to the local coffee shop. Walk home with your java and your thoughts.
  4. Doggie needs a walk!
  5. Skip the drive to the park with the kids. Walk there instead.
  6. Bike to the store - that's so old school. I love it!
  7. Jogging on the treadmill? Let the app reward those grind-em-out miles!
  8. Holiday craft fairs - rack up some miles as you gift shop.
  9. Invite the family to take a walk after your Thanksgiving meal.
  10. Sign-up for a local Turkey Trot...

I hope you'll download the app and join team #structurebags. As Charity Miles says, every dollar counts. So, let's see how many miles and dollars our team #structurebags can rack up this month for Team RWB...

Go Team!


Did you know?

  1. STRUCTUREbags has donated more than $2,000 in cash and products during our first two years via our Season of Thanks and Camo with a Cause campaigns?
  2. STRUCTUREbags is a one-woman-operation - all bags are designed and made by me! Brenda Guyader, a bag-maker and an seismic structural engineer.
  3. STRUCTUREbags employs military and their spouses as photographers, models and on-demand seamstresses?

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