It's Fall, and if you know me - you know orange and black are a favorite color combination of mine!

Last year, I shared a few, fun Fall DIYs on the blog. They were so fun and easy that this year I thought I'd update one with items I have in my stash. This Fall wreath is not only easy, it was inexpensive, too! I had all the fabric in my stash, bought a $6 foam wreath, $2 worth of poms and pipe cleaners and 30 minutes later, this cutie was adorning our front door.

Fall Fabric DIY Wreath

Fall Wreath DIY:

Step 1: Gather supplies

  • 12-inch foam wreath
  • Contrasting colored fabrics - choosing upholstery weight or canvas works best
  • Hot glue gun
  • Black pom-pom
  • Black pipe cleaners

Step 2: Cut fabric

  • Cut equal number of 3-inch strips of fabric. I used 7-each of three contrasting colors. You may need more or less - it varies with your fabric weight.
  • Cut the above strips in half, creating equally-length 3-inch strips.
  • Cut enough 2-inch strips of one color to use as your base wrap. The smaller width allows for a nice wrap without too much buckling.
  • Cut a 1-inch strip of fabric for hanging.

Fall DIY Wreath

Step 3: Wrap, tie and hang!

  • Hot glue one edge of a 2-inch strip to the foam wreath and begin wrapping. Continue, adding glue at the end and adding on a new strip as needed to cover the base (we don't want any ugly foam showing through!).
  • Begin tying fabric on: Fold in half, loop around and pull ends through.
  • Continue, alternating colors as desired. Maybe you do multiples of one color for a stronger punch. Be sure you are looping all in the same direction...
  • Trim the edges to make your wreath even and the diameter you like.
  • Create your spider: Cut 2-3 pipe cleaners in half and glue to one side of the pom, creating legs. Shape into creepy leg forms by bending them. Attach to wreath with another pipe cleaner or with hot glue.


  • Loop your 1-inch strip around the top and hang to the top of your door with a small, flat tack. Trim excess.

Have fun and be creative - it doesn't have to take long or cost much to add a little fabric Fall fun to welcome your favorite people.

And if you don't know why I love orange and black - email me and I will tell you.

Happy Fall!

Whether DIY or order and go - you can give something Dad will love and it won't be cliche!

Written by Brenda Guyader — June 10, 2015

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