Happy Valentine's Day! Doesn't this red velvet cupcake look adorable all dressed up for the celebration?

STRUCTUREbags Green Find Friday

It does, indeed. But is not the star of the show here. (Though "Little" may disagree...)

This week's green find was a surprise during a little treat date "Little" and I had. Do you see that fork there? It is no regular disposable fork.

It's a compostable fork made by Ingeo. What makes this little guy different? It's made from a renewable source - corn - rather than petroleum oils. Cool.

Buying in small quantities makes them fairly expensive at $0.24 each, but those in the food service biz can make an eco-choice at on $0.05 each when buying in bulk. Not too shabby.

So take a look next time you casual dine. Maybe even drop a note in the suggestion box.

Happy (green) Valentine's Day!


Written by Brenda Guyader — February 13, 2015

Oh how I love Costco! Well, it may be a love-hate if I am being totally honest. But. But! I love that they are always adding organic products to their stores. And not too bad of prices either.

Thursday nights are Farmer's Market nights in San Luis Obispo. And we finally made it back out!

Organic Pumpkin Spice Mini Cakes. Perfect with a cup of coffee, light dessert - and when dressed up like ours - a hostess gift! Check our our recipe and how-to-hostess gift.

Written by Brenda Guyader — October 20, 2014