It's a tough job, but someone's got to taste it: chocolate.

Let's skip the bells and whistles and get right to it. I love some good, dark chocolate. So, when I was at the local natural foods store (soon to be Whole Foods), I grabbed a few bars for our latest installment of five green finds. Bars ranged in price from $1.50 to $3.50.

organic chocolate

Here's my take:

1. Alter Eco Mini Dark Velvet ($1.69): Simple, smooth and very expensive for the amount given (0.7 oz). The company, Alter Eco, sources from small scale farmers and uses fair-trade and organic products. Gluten and soy free.

2. Newman's Own Organics - Super Dark Chocolate ($2.29): Great value for a 2.25 oz bar and still a nice smooth chocolate. A higher quality than what you'd find at my go-to shop (Trader Joe's). This Newman's chocolate is organic and though not as trendy as a few of the others on this list, it does generate money for the Newman's Own Foundation.

3. Green & Black's Organic Dark Chocolate with Ginger ($3.49): When I did tiny samples, this smooth chocolate with a touch of ginger was my favorite. But when I went back for the "big" bite from this 3.5 oz bar, it was a tad overwhelming. For those of us watching our waistline, that could be a good thing. Share the love and stretch out the goodness! Green & Black's has some fun flavor combos, so I plan to get more.

4. Dagoba Organic Chocolate - Mint ($2.19): This is a really nice balance of dark chocolate and mint. So subtle and so snackable. Dagoba works to source only from rainforest-friendly farmers making this 2 oz bar a real winner.

5. Alter Ego Dark Chocolate with Almond ($3.39): Oops! The mommy-brain strikes and I bought two from one manufacturer. No-matter. I did enjoy this bar - ultimately my favorite. How can you go wrong with a simple combination of dark chocolate and almonds? I love that Alter Ego really keeps the ingredients simple. This 2.82 oz bar has just organic/fair-trade cocao beans, organic/fair-trade raw cane sugar, organic almonds, organic/fair-trade cocoa butter and organic/fair-trade vanilla bean.

Whether you always buy organic, like to treat yourself or delight in sharing extra-special sweetness as a hostess gift, these five green finds will be a hit!

Let me know if you try one of these brands or if you have a favorite of your own. Enjoy!

If you do a web search for "green gifts for Dad," you will find a truck-load of ideas. But most of these ideas range from the silly to the ridiculous to the shockingly expensive (wooden keyboard anyone?).

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Written by Brenda Guyader — June 13, 2014

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