core values

The launch of the all-new STRUCTUREbags website is just weeks away. The work happening behind the scenes is phenomenal! From the fabulous brand and web design professional to the kind-hearted soul performing a full upgrade to my product photos, the quality assistance I am receiving is staggering.

But there is more to all this than clicks of the camera, sketches on paper and coding on the computer: this process is quite introspective, as well. I have visited, re-visited and visited my core values over and over again. They are such a part of what I do here at STRUCTUREbags, that I want to share them with you here today.

  1. Eco-conscience: From the very beginning, STRUCTUREbags has had an eye on being eco-friendly. This started with that first, upcycled applique Army shirt I made for “Little STRUCTUREbags.” From there, the Signature Upcycle wool line was born. With each new addition to the STRUCTUREbags line, I am keeping an eye on the environment. From organic cotton to eco-friendly burlap, upcycled fabrics to vintage buttons, I hope you feel as good about your eco-friendly purchase as I do making it.
  2. Quality: STRUCTUREbags is more than just a name. It is at the core of what I stand for when I make a bag or accessory for you. I work hard on every cut, every stitch. I select top-quality fabrics and notions. I believe that when you touch and feel a STRUCTUREbags product for the first time, you will see the difference. If I ever fall short – I want to know about it to make it right.
  3. Altruistic: In my very first blog, I shared with you the special bond I have made with military families. In the four years I have spent at West Point, I have said goodbye to friends as they departed to new duty stations. I have learned to be more giving of my time. I have learned to listen. I have watched young men and women – fresh from high school – grow to become officers. I feel so strongly about the enormous sacrifices and wonderful community these people have shared with me that I have dedicated an entire collection to them.

I hope that when you visit the new and improved STRUCTUREbags next month, you will feel every bit of what I shared here. With each coming month, more features and goodies will be added to make your STRUCTUREbags experience one to remember. If you think I am falling short – let me know! Until then, let me know your thoughts and I look forward to seeing you here each week.

simple roots

I grew up in a small town on a few acres and, when I was very young, was part of a household that in many ways lived off the land. We grew a substantial garden, raised our own meat and gathered fresh eggs from the chicken coop. My family made choices that were both economical and education for our family. This is when I learned to cook, clean, sew, garden – and let’s face it – toil. No Saturday morning cartoons for this little kid!

Written by Brenda Guyader — May 27, 2013

It was March 2009 when the Guyader family – husband, wife and cat – uprooted from sunny California and landed in Upstate New York. I was excited and fresh and completely ready for our new adventure. Of course, the path I thought we were taking was nothing like the one we actually started down – living at the United States Military Academy will do that to a person.

Written by brendaguyader — March 25, 2013