1. Bird Feeder: For the dad who gardens or just loves nature, this is a fun one. Whether a manufactured bird house, hummingbird feeder or one you make with a little one from one of these birderfeeder DIYs on pinterest, Dad can think of you as he sips his morning coffee on the deck.

salted caramels organic
2. Sweet treats: For the sweet-toothed Dad, whip-up his favorite treat. If little hands are helping, think lemon bars, brownies or cookies. The measuring, mixing and following directions in a recipe (even if off a box) are a great learning experience. All grown up and looking for a dazzler that is easier than it looks? Try our Organic Salted Caramels recipe. I made these to give as gifts at Valentines Day, but they never made it out of my kitchen. They are that good...

3. Sports Subscription: "Dad loves sports. He loves to watch them. He loves to play them. He loves to listen to them." If this describes your dad, consider a sports subscription to his favorite network or podcasts: nfl network, mlb.tv (I got this for my birthday and love it!), the Jim Rome Show and more. The possibilities are endless and an easy way to tailor the gift to Dad's exact taste.

4. Barbeque: If Dad is all about the grill, you could go the standard grilling utensils route - nothing wrong with that. Now, if you want to I'm gonna-dazzle-him route, try creating an Organic Barbeque Grilling Rub just for Dad. Super easy, super creative, super inexpensive. Dress it up with custom labels and give Dad the recipe. Then invite yourself over for some grilling.

5. Traveling Dad: Whether for business or for pleasure - Dad's passport is stamped and he is on the move. Give him our Organic Canvas Travel Kit and Dad will think of you every day while he's away as he breaks out the razor or scrubs his pearly whites. Remember we offer complimentary vintage blueprint gift wrap and ship anywhere in the US, UK and Canada!

Now that you're inspired to say "thanks" to the dads in your life, get shopping and creating.


Then keep an eye out for our series of special posts and quotes from dads, kids of great dads and wives of great dads spreading love across social media. Be sure to spread the love we post on our facebook, instagram, and twitter pages. One lucky follower will win a an Organic Canvas Wristlet from our Metro Collection plus a $25 gift card to spend at our store! A second lucky follower wins an Organic Canvas Mini Pouch in Metro plus a $10 gift card. A third winner gets a Organic Keychain Wristlet and free shipping on a future STRUCTUREbags purchase! Head over to our 2015 Father's Day Giveaway Page and enter - now thru June 22nd!

We love dads!


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