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Nearly two months have passed since STRUCTUREbags relaunched not only its website, but its branding and offerings as well. This week I want to take you inside the thought process of our Camo with a Cause line, why we expanded it and how it isn’t just about giving $1 per item to aid military families, it is about giving back in every way we can.

STRUCTUREbags introduced its first camo-feature item during the holidays of 2010. Our now-signature tree ornament was new on the market, and it was a mini-hit! In 2011, we expanded our camo offerings to mini pouches, wristlets and more. But we did something special with the ornament – we started giving $1 per ornament to aid military families. And the ornaments sold - and with their new mission - they sold fast!

camo with a cause

When I started refreshing STRUCTUREbags earlier this year, it hit me that this little company could do more. I decided to expand our donation from one item to our full line of camo products and create the Camo with a Cause line. The ornament earned the name "keystone" to signify its strength in the line of products - without it, we would not have the Camo with a Cause line. 

I knew there were more ways we could help, but was struggling to find ways that made logistical sense. Finally, as all the chaos was at a peak, the obvious began to hit me. Hire a photographer who has a military connection. Find models who are military, who are ex-military or who are military wives. Employ military spouses to help in the production work.

Everywhere I turned I saw opportunities to give back to a population who gives everyday to our country and welcomed our family in to their space!

Torin is not only the STRUCTUREbags photographer, he is an active duty serviceman in the West Point band.

Erin is not just the fabulously, fashionable camo toting model, she is a military wife and a consultant for a terrific jewelry company.

Lindsay is not only the lovely lady showing off our Organic Canvas Line wristlets, but a military wife and the owner of Beyond the Vase – a small business she founded.

In the coming months I hope you will visit the STRUCTUREbags blog to read our features on each of these talented and giving people. And I hope you will give them your business.

Stay tuned as we share more ways the Camo with a Cause line is giving back – including how you can give without making a purchase.

Plus, I look forward to sharing how we are working to find a like-minded non-profit to partner with now and in the years to come, allowing us to increase our giving and expose more Americans to the cause.

This journey of giving back through our Camo with a Cause line is just that – a journey. I know as STRUCTUREbags grows, not every choice can be based only on a military connection. But I am confident it will be our first choice and a choice based on working with like-minded people.


Find our complete Camo with a Cause line online at or in-person at the DUSA Gift Shop at the West Point Museum.

Written by Brenda Guyader — September 10, 2013

There are so many wonderful and zesty things happening at STRUCTUREbags - it is hard to keep it all under wraps.

Written by brendaguyader — May 20, 2013