There comes a time when you've got to step back and take a look at work-life balance. And for me - for the STRUCTUREbag's family - now is that time.

For the past 18 months I've been easing my way back in to the world of structural engineering. You may have noticed... things have slowed down a bit on the STRUCTUREbags' side.

When you are juggling a part-time engineering job, a small accessory business and being a full-time mom things sometimes slip. And the one thing I could let slip (without being yelled at!) was STRUCTUREbags.

I finally had the courage to step away from the part-time local engineering job and take a huge leap of faith - in myself.

What's the big deal?

I am now officially the owner of three businesses! And I know I will have a better work life-balance. Crazy!

This week I officially became the CEO of Guyader Consulting, a structural engineering firm of one specializing in seismic analysis and peer reviews (future home at And, I'm branching out in to some business mentoring (future home at There's a lot a person learns over the course of running a top-tier engineering office and then starting up a small business like STRUCTUREbags!

But you know what is craziest of all? I know deep in my heart this will give me more flexibility to spend time on STRUCTUREbags and my family. From time-to-time I may share some adventures from my other businesses here - especially from the business mentoring side - but STRUCTUREbags is alive and well.

So, I look forward to a robust and exciting holiday season. Including the reintroduction of our beloved hand-felted one-of-a-kind wool accessories. We will be once again honoring our military through our "Season of Thanks" campaign - coming in November. Plus, as always, we will celebrate another year in business with some fun deals and thank you gifts.

For now - I appreciate your votes for the Martha Stewart American Made Awards. So honored to be chosen as a finalist by the Martha judges.

Much love to you all!


P.S. Have you checked out my other side gig? A little web design on - a football analytics website by someone pretty darn talented: Andy Guyader, PhD!

And if you have a small biz that needs a little help on the operations side (think numbers...) - drop me a note at!

Written by Brenda Guyader — October 07, 2015

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