2014 Season of Thanks

Dear STRUCTUREbag fans and vistors-

I was so excited about this year's "Season of Thanks - Deployment Angels" campaign. Military wives are so close to my heart that I really wanted to find a special way to reach out to this group of wonderful women (and men).

But I will be honest: my campaign was a flop. I had earmarked 50 ornaments (worth $500) and more than $375 worth of STRUCTUREbag's product to be gifted to spouses of deployed soldiers and those who nominate. But, sadly, I came up well short of that goal.

We received just two entries... I was heartbroken.

I am a one woman business. I design. I sew. I market. I blog. I write copy. And darn it! I really wanted to give these goodies away. In the end I know it means I clearly misunderstood my military friends. And I am sorry about that.

On a positive note: we have two winners!

Grand Prize Winner ($150 of STRUCTUREbags goods): Ms. "D" is a juggling being a new mom and holding down a full-time job even as her husband is deployed. The baby came as not only a surprise, but a blessing after much disappointment and Dad was able to come home for a week to meet his "new bundle of joy." Stay tuned to see what her nominee chose for her...

Second Place Winner ($75 of STRUCTUREbags goods): Ms. "K" is a mom of three and her husband recently deployed. The family recently PCS'd (a.k.a. moved), and Ms. "K" is navigating a new location on her own as her husband is part of a group building Ebola treatment facilities. Stay tuned to see what her nominee chose for her...

So, as I look for ways to next year spread the word about Team Red, White and Blue, I am going to get more input from you all! My goal is to grow our giving each year - both in dollars to Team RWB and in gifts to our military families.

Thank you to all who support STRUCTUREbags, Camo with a Cause and help spread the word about Team RWB!

Happy Holidays!


Written by Brenda Guyader — December 12, 2014

This Veteran's Day we share our most popular posts about our military and their families.

How to be an Angel to the spouse of a deployed service member - whether you know one, or not.

So, as we wrap-up our camo contest (just one week left!), I thought it would be nice to learn more about a few of our future leaders - the ones taken a less-traveled path. 

A "free" education at one of our academies is valued at over $400,000, so why do so few take this path? Let's take a closer look!