In 2010 I became a mom. In 2011, STRUCTUREbags was born. Did you know that those events were not unrelated?

If you know me - even a little - you know I am a serious-kind-of-lady. So, it wouldn't surprise you to learn my pre-parent life was very focused on work. Being good at what I did was important to me - it was a reflection of me putting in 100-percent. Interestingly, I became a mom 3,000 miles away from those who knew me as a career woman. I was surrounded by people who knew me as a stay-at-home mom.

And to my complete surprise - I was exactly where I wanted to be! But, little by little, the itch to be creative and business minded pulled at me. Pretty soon, my sewing projects for "Little Guyader" (now lovingly referred to here as "Little STRUCTUREbags") turned in to STRUCTUREbags. This wonderful business gave me the opportunity to achieve a somewhat balanced life: career + stay-at-home mom.

For years, Little STRUCTUREbags knew me only as the "bag" mom - he never knew me as the "STRUCTURE" mom. I am thrilled that she now sees me as both. She sees me as a creative businesswoman sewing beautiful things for her and for friends and for charities and for loyal customers. And she sees me as a woman engineer - something unique in the "real world" but something totally normal to her.

I am grateful that I have this chance to be both to her. As I tell her almost every day - she is the most precious gift I have ever received.

May all you moms be blessed everyday by the gifts you have received. Thank you for being wonderful role models for your children!

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