STRUCTUREbags five green finds

Lately I've been thinking more and more about the simple ways we can make green choices. I wrote at length to the reasons why STRUCTUREbags uses organic cottons in a past blog.

But each day I come across fabulous goods that are eco-friendly in some way: textiles, foods, home-decor and more.

Today I am starting what I hope to make a regular segment on the STRUCTUREbags blog: "Five Green Finds."

    1. If you've ever visited our home, you'd see our decor is much like STRUCTUREbags designs: clean lines and fresh looks. I love West Elm for this and they deliver eco-friendly love with their Organic Cotton Pintuck Duvet.
STRUCTUREbags five green finds - West Elm Organic Duvet
    1. Speaking of home decor, anything upcycled or reclaimed is fabulous. And you can do it without making it look to rustic... Thanks Pottery Barn for this great console!
STRUCTUREbags five green finds - Pottery Barn Console
  1. Making dinner? In a time crunch? We found this great organic pasta sauce by Bertolli on the shelves of Costco and it's been a go-to during our transition in our new home.
  2. But what is sauce without organic noodles? Costco didn't fail us... Garofalo organic spaghetti is hearty and filling! They have gluten free, too.
  3. Coffee anyone? I love half-and-half in my coffee and we always upgrade to organic when we can. The New York Times wrote about the benefits of organic milk...

Do you have an organic find you love? Share it in the comments so I can try it and share it, too. Share a picture or a link or just lead us in the right direction. The more we share, the more I know I am writing about something you love. Looking forward to hearing from you!

Written by Brenda Guyader — March 27, 2014

Thanks to you, our Season of Thanks campaign was a great success! We received cards from near (West Point) and far (California) and many placed in between (Rhode Island, Florida, Ohio...). Thank you!

Written by Brenda Guyader — March 11, 2014

organic lavender benifits

As a native Californian, I was spoiled by the year-round gardens enjoyed in our mild climate. Gardens were green and required mowing, flowers bloomed early, often and long, and yards were filled with the sounds of birds chirping.

Written by Brenda Guyader — July 23, 2013

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The launch of the all-new STRUCTUREbags website is just weeks away. The work happening behind the scenes is phenomenal! From the fabulous brand and web design professional to the kind-hearted soul performing a full upgrade to my product photos, the quality assistance I am receiving is staggering.