A note from the heart:

When I reflect on each of our Season of Thanks campaigns, you might be surprised to know that I am flooded with both uplifting and frustrating memories.

Our very first SOT campaign in 2013 was so extraordinarily special because we brought love to the hands of deployed soldiers and to their families. The photos used on the postcards were submitted by military families, the letters were written with love, and the gifts were packaged with care over food and great conversation in the basement of a military chapel. It was by far our most successful campaign by any measure. It also marked our family's last season at West Point.

In 2014, I tried something different. I asked you all to submit names of military spouses who stood out in your mind. I personally knew at least a dozen women who were beyond deserving - juggling family, work, and military obligations without breaking a sweat. I knew both women and men who stepped up to help others without asking anything in return. I was positive we would have literally a hundred-plus inspiring from folks all around the world. But there was one thing I overlooked - military spouses are also quite humble. They did not self-nominate, and my reach was not broad enough to get the word out.

A year later, in 2015, I was fresh off of "running" my first post-baby half-marathon. It was all in an effort to raise awareness for Team Red, White & Blue - our official partner - here on the Central Coast. I am a devoted user of Charity Miles and we formed a team that walked, jogged and biked our way to a good chunk of miles and dollars for Team RWB. Although our team of 12 continues to raise money via the app - I was banging my head at how my message of being active and giving back came up short.

Last year - I completely dropped the ball. With my other obligations tugging hard at me, and recent failures with campaigns and product releases, I just didn't have it in me to put all of myself into it.

Since we first introduced our Camo with a Cause Collection and Season of Thanks campaign in 2014, we have:

  • Donated $800 in cash to Team RWB
  • Gifted more than $2,200 in merchandise to military spouses and families
  • Walked, biked or run more than 2,641 miles with Charity Miles

Not bad for a one-woman shop!

This year, I am keeping it very simple. In past campaigns, it has always been 100% free to participate. But this year I am changing it up. I have significantly decreased prices on all my permanent collections to make room for new, limited edition collections. Our 2017 SOT campaign takes advantage of these lower price points while increasing our donation for each. Our regular donation on Camo items was $1 per item; for Cadet Grey is was 15%. Now it's 20% for each. Plus we are donating 10% from every other item in the shop.

Here are some highlights:

  • Camo ornaments - Now $5 with a 20% donation ($1)
  • Camo mini pouches - Now $12.50 with a 20% donation ($2.50)
  • Cadet Grey Clutch - Now $39 with a 20% donation ($7.20)
  • Metro Wristlet in Khaki or Black - Now $21.50 with a 10% donation ($4.30)
  • Metro Foldover Cross - Regular priced at $65 but with a 10% donation ($13)
  • Metro Tote - Regular priced at $125 with a 10% donation ($25)
  • American Yacht Foldover Clutch - Now $27.50 with a 10% donation ($5.50)
  • Geo ornaments are back and $3 each with a 10% donation ($0.60)

As you can see - together we are poised to make a huge impact. All but our large totes are limited to in-stock items. And this will be your last chance to order from any of these collections. Once they are sold-out, I won't be making more. Thank you so much for coming back each year. I am especially happy to celebrate our 6th anniversary with such an expansive campaign.

Please, help spread the word!

And thank you!



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