Metro OCL - Bifold Metro OCL - Bifold Metro OCL - Bifold Metro OCL - Bifold vintage blueprint inspired fabric
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Metro Collection

Metro OCL Bifold {Khaki}


Our Metro bifolds are legit!

The Metro bifold keeps you organized without cramping your style. With its vintage button elastic closure and exclusive vintage blueprint inspired lining, you will get noticed. Packing both an eco-friendly and stylish punch, you'll have a one-of-a-kind way to store business, store or credit cards.

Choose your button or let us surprise you.

We are saying goodbye to our permanent Metro Collection to make room for limited edition and seasonal items, so... Last in-stock items are ready to ship.

Organic canvas exterior, organic cotton interior. Fleece interfacing. Vintage button and elastic closure. Fits approximately 24 standard business cards or 10 store cards.

Hand wash cold. Dry Flat. Warm iron.