season of thanks

STRUCTUREbags is excited to unveil Phase II of our holiday giving back campaign! Now is your chance to get involved in the giving of thanks to our military families - without making a purchase.

Phase II: Greetings & Gifts

  1. Write: Write a heartfelt note to either a deployed soldier ("Dear Soldier"), a deployed soldier's family ("Dear Family") or both. The more you write, the more letters we can send to each soldier and family!
  2. Mail: Mail all your postcards, letters and notes by November 30th to: STRUCTUREbags, P.O. Box 181, West Point, New York, 10996.
  3. Package: STRUCTUREbags will sort, bundle and package your letters in preparation for mailing. We are focusing on a company of approximately 100 deployed soldiers and their families - so we will be busy!
  4. Delivery: Each deployed soldier will receive packaged letters along with a thank you note letting them know their family at home is also receiving notes plus a gift. The families of these deployed soldiers will receive packaged letters, a hand-crafted STRUCTUREbags camo ornament and a note of thanks. And just like everything in our Camo with a Cause line, STRUCTUREbags will donate $1 to Team RWB for every Camo Ornament we send.

Help Spread the Word:

  • Download our flyer and with permission post it in your work lunchroom, at your library, in your favorite coffee shop or at your church group.
  • Get a group involved! Troops, Thanksgiving guests, co-workers and more. Think of ways to get your friends excited, too!

"Season of Thanks" FAQ: 

  1. Who will get a postcard? Our company has approximately 100 deployed soldiers. We will make letter packages for each soldier overseas and letter/gift packages for each of their families at home.   
  2. I don't know any deployed soldiers or families of deployed soldiers - who do I write? That is the beauty of this gift! STRUCTUREbags is connecting you with a deployed company and their families. Simply address your letter to "Dear Soldier" or "Dear Family" and let us do the hard part. 
  3. What should I write? Write from the heart! Thank them. Share a story. Wish them Merry Christmas or Happy Hanukkah - what you celebrate. This gift will be delivered in December - during the heart of the holidays. They will miss their loved ones.
  4. How do I know where my postcard is going? We are working with an Army Family Readiness Group to make sure each of your letters and our ornament gift gets to the soldiers and their families. Due to confidentiality and security, it will be up to the FRG to decide if/when they can publicly thank each of you.
  5. I am really moved to write just to the soldiers/I am really moved to write just to the families. Is that OK? You should write to group you want to reach. Our soldiers and their families are each making a substantial sacrifice for our nation. So, write to either the soldiers, the families or write to both!
  6. Do I have to use a postcard? Use what you can! Using a postcard from STRUCTUREbags or one from your hometown is simply an extra special way to say 'thank you' from around the nation. 
  7. I only have time to write one letter. Is that enough? You bet! Write that note and send it to us. Think of the difference each of us can make even with just one note! Then, tell a friend. Post on social media. Share at school. Getting the STRUCTUREbags mailbox stuffed daily is our goal - but we should do it together!
  8. I have a group/troop/family that all really want to participate. Is that OK? Absolutely! In fact, if you have a group of 10 or more, email STRUCTUREbags and we will send you a package of beautiful postcards with inspiring images of America and the American soldier to use
  9. You are sending ornaments from your Camo with a Cause line. Are you also making a donation? Yes! Just like everything in our Camo with a Cause line, STRUCTUREbags will donate $1 to Team RWB for every Camo Ornament we send.
  10. Are you sure I don't have to buy anything? You just have to buy the stamp that send your letter(s) in to STRUCTUREbags. We want to make it as easy for you as we can to say thank you - this mission is close to our heart!
  11. I live in the Hudson Valley. Can I help in any other way? STRUCTUREbags will have a big task ahead prepping these notes for delivery. In early December, we will place a call for West Point locals to help us make this happen. Be sure you are on Facebook, Twitter and our newsletter to hear the latest.

Phase I: A call for images

During the month of October, STRUCTUREbags collected images from Americans inspired by and supportive of the commitment of our military and their families. Thank you to all who sent in photos!